What Rampage Jackson Will Miss About The UFC

Tonight MAY be the last time we see Rampage in the octagon.  I have a feeling that if he has big KO or great performance, we could see him again.  If Tito and Dana can ‘patch things up’, then so can Quinton and Dana.  Here is what Rampage said he would miss about the UFC:

“I will miss a lot of things. I will miss Bert Watson backstage. He’s funny; he’s cool to hang around. Honestly, if you are on Dana’s good side, he’s one of the coolest guys. Lorenzo Fertitta’s always been cool with me; and Frank. I will miss the good fans. When you’re walking back to the locker room, when you win, the fans are cheering you on.

“There are a lot of things about the UFC that I will miss.”