Tim Sylvia Gets Some Fresh Ink

I usually like every fighter since I have so much respect for what they do and the commitment it takes to make it in this sport, but like everyone else I have ever talked to I don’t like Tim Sylvia, and here is why.  Back when Sylvia was the UFC heavyweight champ every time he would walk into the Octagon and take of his shirt he would suck in and flex his stomach.  He still looked terrible, but it bothered me so much.  I was like “I know your fat bro, stop trying to fool me.”  Was he planning on flexing his stomach for the entire 25 minutes? I’ve never met Tim Sylvia and it seems like all he wants to do is be liked so I probably shouldn’t have anything bad to say about him but for whatever reason I can’t get over it.  What do you guys think about him?  Let us know on our Twitter page.

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