The Spider VS Bones Happening This Year?

Anderson Silva may be looking past Chris Weidman to bigger and better things by the end of the year.  With no deal made with GSP, Anderson is eyeing another P4P beast in LHW champ Jon Jones.  According to, Anderson was quoted as saying the following:

Besides confirming their willingness to face it and say that this should occur in 2013, said the Spider to be fighting at a weight of about 87kg intermediate and not worth nor his middleweight belt (up to 83.9 kg) nor the light heavyweight belt (up to 93kg) Jones. Also according to the Brazilian, the idea is that the event takes place in New York City

Can you imagine this thing going down at Madison Square Garden later this year?  That would be incredible.  Of course Anderson needs to take care of Weidman and Jones needs to take care of Sonnen, neither will not be walks in the park.  Fingers crossed.

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