Rousimar Palhares Denied SOTN For Unsportsman Like Conduct

palhareas denied sotn

Rousimar Palhares got his signature heel hook on Mike Peirce on Wednesday night within the first minute of the fight.  Pierce quickly tapped before his knee was torn to shreds as the ref jumped in to stop the fight.  Still Palhares cranked the very dangerous submission seconds after he should have let let go.  It was extremely unnecessary and the UFC felt the same way as he was snuffed on the Submission of the night and lost out on an extra $50,000.  That was 100% deserved and I am glad the UFC made that decision.  This isn’t the first time the leg lock specialist has been punished for holding on to a submission.  At UFC 111 he was suspended for 90 days by the New Jersey athletic commission for this same thing.  UFC president Dana White told MMA Fighting that Palhares will be punished further but would not specify how.  If this was a choke it might be different but a heel hook is a very devastating submission and can put a fighter out for a year.  Palhares needs to change his ways or no one is going to be willing to fight him.

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