Hugh Hefner Looks A Lot Like Lance Palmer…

lance palmer hugh

Team Alpha Male’s Lance Palmer does his best Hugh Hefner impression after training!

Duane Ludwig and some of the beats at Team Alpha Male

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Ronda Rousey Talks About The Time She Fought A Group Of Guys At The Movies

The champ went on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and to talk about her upcoming fight with Miesha Tate on December 28th.  The guys in this story must feel a little better about themselves knowing that Ronda went on to be one of the most dominant fighters of her generation but still can’t feel good getting beat up by a girl.

Dana White takes a picture of Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey joins the NFL crew on Thanksgiving

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Dylan Andrews And Nam Pham Together

Dylan Andrews and Nam Pham

How do all think Nam Pham will do this weekend when he takes on #10 ranked bantamweight Takeya Mizugaki???

Dylan Andrews hits the weight room

Clint Hester takes a selfie

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A Bunch Of Tough Guys Wear Short Shorts

short shorts

These boys are in Australia for UFC Fight Night 33 in Brisbane and are doing their best rugby team impression.  Think anyone made fun of this group for wearing short shorts?

Bigfoot and Glover love the fans in Australia

The main men of team alpha male

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Junior Dos Santos Visits The Dentist

JDS dentist

It is a good thing a mouthpiece is required during professional MMA fights or these dentists would likely have their work cut out for them after JDS’ past two fights with Cain Velasquez.

JDS enjoys a meal with friends

Junior Dos Santos gets worked on

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Travis Browne Hits The Weights

travis Browne lift

UFC’s #5 ranked heavyweight Travis Browne hits the weights! Travis is relatively new to the sport compared to some of the other competitors and I expect big things from him in the future. Do you all think he will beat #6 ranked Josh Barnett on December 28th???

Travis Browne gets a workout in

Andrei Arlovski and Travis Browne are awesome

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The Celebration Continues For Nate Diaz

nate diaz victory

Good to see Nate Diaz and his crew still enjoying his recent main event finish of Gray Maynard. It was reported that Nate only made 15k/15k for that fight. Despite earning himself a KOTN bonus of $50k walking away with $80,000 does not seem like much at all for a main event finish even though he likely made more than that with sponsorships etc… What do you all think about UFC fighter pay?

Nate Diaz and Royce Gracie

Nate Diaz and one of his sparring partners

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Soa Palelei Signs Posters Before This Weekend’s Fight

soa signing

Soa certainly does not look too nervous about his upcoming fight with Pat Barry! One thing is for sure, if Soa comes in at the same conditioning level he did in his last bout against Nikita Krylov he could be in for a long night despite fighting in front of his hometown crowd!

Check out Pat ‘HD’ Barry’s new kicking technique!

Soa Palelei deadlifts some serious weight

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