Mike Dolce Visits Rich Franklin At His New Business

dolce and rich

Nutrition guru Mike Dolce visits former 3x middleweight world champ Rich Franklin in Beverly Hills, CA at Ace’s new business venture ZeLin.  ZeLin is a health conscious juice bar made with all organic products and if you follow Rich you know he has been working hard on this project for a while now.  Best of luck to Rich and his new company, cant wait to try out the product.

Rich Franklin talks about his final fight

Johny Hendricks does his final weight cut with Mike Dolce

  • Xtalline

    Dolce isn’t a nutrition guru; he isn’t a nutrition-anything, for that matter. He’s a fraud with no education in nutrition nor physical training who just takes other people’s work and claims it as his own. Basically, he’s a “hired friend” that fighters unnecessarily overpay to follow them around and make sure that they do what other nutritionists say, while taking credit for their work. He simply does the small things that a fighter’s coach should already be doing, but fraudulently convinces them that he does more than that; that’s why you only see him with guy’s who don’t have a nutritionist and/or “divas” who don’t have a coach that actually pushes them.

    Essentially, he takes advantage of fighters who don’t know his credentials, don’t have coaches who have time to push them outside of the gym, and whom know slightly less about nutrition and don’t realize that all the stuff he does could be easily done with a book. To put it as bluntly as possible, you could pay a prostitute much less money to carry around a simple nutrition book, push you to follow what the book says, and you would get the same results as if you overpaid Mike Dolce. He’s just an opportunist who wasn’t good enough at MMA and wants to profit off of other fighters’ talents and his reality show exposure.

    • Tito Couture

      Why do you say this? Are you a nutritionist? Seems like he has to be
      good at his job if all these guys use him. Thanks for reading

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