Mike Dolce In Hawaii With Mirsad Bektic And The Prodigy BJ Penn

dolce hawaii

If you have been tuning into Frankie Edgar and BJ Penn’s season of TUF it is clear that the two have mutual respect for each other but I have a feeling it will be an absolute war when those two finally square off for the first time as featherweights. Big fight for Penn as he has lost to Edgar twice already but with fitness and nutrition guru Mike Dolce helping him throughout training camp it is fair to assume we will be seeing a well-conditioned BJ Penn come fight night! Predictions for that fight anyone?

P.S. Keep an eye out for the third man above, Mirsad Bektic. Ton of well-deserved hype behind the undefeated featherweight fighter! Excited to see how his young career progresses.

Mike Dolce with 50lbs of Alaskan wild-caught Salmon for BJ Penn

Paula Sack for your viewing pleasure