Melvin Guillard On MMA Hour: Considering Drop to 145 lbs, Eying Fight With Team Jackson Fighter

Melvin Guillard was a guest on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani on Monday and finally got to shed some light on all of the troubles he has been facing.  As far as his assault charges Melvin says he was the one who was jumped and that he did not lay a hand on anyone.  He also said that he is considering a move down to featherweight if it is something his body can handle.  Melvin has about as much muscle as a fighter can possible have and still make 155 lbs so a move down in weight classes would be a big cut.  He also talked about being denied a spot on his former team in Albuquerque.  Saying that he will most likely not return to their if ever given the chance and that he has his eye on fighting some of the members of the camp.  It was an interview full of big and exciting news.  To check out a replay of the show visit

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