Melvin Guillard Not Welcome Back At Jackson’s, Facing Assault Charges

An avalanche of bad news is coming out regarding UFC lightweight Melvin Guillard.  Guillard tweeted on Sunday that he is leaving the Blackzilian camp and going back to his previous trainer Greg Jackson in New Mexico.  For whatever reason Melvin did not check with the people over at Jackson’s camp and after a unanimous vote from the gym’s leadership Melvin was not allowed back.  On top of that Melvin is facing assault charges in New Mexico.  Here is the scope via MMA JunkieAccording to Bernalillo County (N.M.) court records, Guillard currently faces five charges: two misdemeanor counts of aggravated battery, to which he pled not guilty. Three misdemeanor counts of failure to appear in court were settled. A jury trial on the assault charges is set for April 10, where he faces six months in jail for each count, in addition to fines and probation.”  Tough spot for the Young Assassin and best of luck to him in getting all of this squared away.  Thanks to Bloody Elbow for the story.

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