Marc Ratner Plans To Petition Rule Change To Association Of Boxing Commission

UFC 159 was a bizarre event with some questionable decisions by referees and unfortunate injuries that stopped fights.  Marc Ratner, UFC VP of Regulatory Affairs, is planning on petitioning some rules to the Association of Boxing Commission (ABC) at their annual conference.  Two of the key rules to be discussed are eye poke, and knees to a grounded opponent.  Here is what Ratner had to say to USA Today.

“What we want the referees to do is don’t make a medical decision.  Call time. Don’t ask the kid if he can see or not. Bring the doctor in and let the doctor make the determination. Now obviously, if any fighter can’t see, you want the fight stopped.  But here’s a case where if you go through the mechanic and bring the doctor in, it will give them a chance to see if in fact the eye clears up and he can fight. That’s what you want to do there.”

This was sparked by referee Kevin Mulhall’s decision to stop a fight between Gian Villante and Ovince St. Preux without consulting the cage side doctor.  To be clear this was not illegal which is why Ratner would like to clear up the rule.

Another rule that Ratner plans on discussing with the ABC is the three point stance rule that states if a fighter has three points touching the mat, i.e two feet and a hand, they cannot be kneed in the head.  Here is Ratner’s feelings regarding this rule.

“We really believe this ‘three-point stance rule,’ where a fighter is just placing his hand on and off the mat so he won’t get hit, needs to be addressed.  That’s not what the rule is for. That has to be looked at.”

These would be positive changes but don’t expect anything to happen to soon.  The meeting is not until late into July and when you are dealing with the government nothing happens quickly.  Thanks to Bloody Elbow for the scope.

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