Leonard Garcia Heading To Team Alpha Male, Considering Offer From WSOF

Leonard Garcia was cut this week by the UFC following a five fight loosing streak, but he is wasting no time making decisions on how to get himself back to the big show.  Here is what Bad Boy had to say via MMAFighting.com

“I’m going to go out to Team Alpha Male for a little while. My cousin Duane Ludwig is out there, and I talked it over with Greg (Jackson). Greg said, ‘Yeah, the problem is guys that can take you down and hold you down.’ And now I’m going to go to a whole team of guys who are really, really good at that. Just being the new guy in the room is going to help me a lot, because it’s something different. It’s a style I’ve never seen.  Their style is unfamiliar to me. I don’t know all their tricks like I do at Jackson’s. Like, we know each other so well at Jackson’s, and I think that’s caused me to become flat.  I talked it over with both camps and they’re both okay with it. I feel like this is a move that should’ve been a long time ago, but it takes situations like this to make it happen.”

Right now Garcia has had offers from other organizations and the best ones have been from Ray Sefo’s WSOF.  Garcia also says he has gotten an offer from Bellator but his ultimate goal is to make it back to the UFC and he feels signing with Viacom and Bellator would hurt that.  Wherever Leonard ends up, both in his training and competing, it is always a pleasure to watch him fight.  We wish him nothing but the best moving forward.

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