Keith Kizer Responds To Dana White’s Criticism Of Steve Mazzaggatti

Dana white was very vocal about his thoughts on referee Steve Mazzaggatti’s work at the WSOF main event this Friday.  Executive Director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Keith Kizer, responded to White’s Comments and here is what he had to say.

“It as neither a positive or a negative on the referee.  All of us in the arena, and the commentators who know their stuff, were really shocked Jon was out. Steve was right there. He had to walk two steps. He walked two steps and waved off the fight. It was very easy for him, and every easy for Josh as well. It was a weird ending to the fight, but good for Josh.

“Dana’s a good guy. Very few people care about other people as much as Dana. But you’ve heard what he’s said about former fighters, former employees, even fighters in his organization. Even Jon Jones. He likes to put people down, whether rightly or wrongly. It’s an ego thing. We all have egos. I think it’s wrong when people lie and you can make your own conclusions on Dana.”

Kizer had to stand up for his employee here but make no mistake Steve Mazzaggatti should have been more on top of that situation.  It was pretty obvious that Fitch’s body went limp before he was turned over and even though Steve was close to the situation he was not making any attempt to see if Fitch was still conscious.  Dana gets emotional and goes off on people sometimes but that does not change the fact that Steve Mazzaggatti is not good at his job and someone is going to get injured when they shouldn’t or lose a fight that they shouldn’t because he is going to continue reffing.  Thanks to MMA Fighting for the scope.

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