Josh Thomson Speaks Out About Nate Diaz

Josh Thomson handed Nate Diaz his lunch at UFC on Fox 7 and Nate wanted an immediate rematch, which makes no sense considering he was dominated.  Josh Thomson called him out for not even making weight for their initial bout and is looking to make a run at the title, so Nate may not be in his future plans.  Furthermore, Nate has said he wants to move up to 170 anyway.  Here is some words for Nate from Thomson:

“I think the biggest thing is this; he is interested in a rematch with me, one thing he needs to remember before the fight even happened, he was complaining after weigh in’s about how he was moving back up to 170, so he couldn’t even make weight when we fought the first time. Nate knows this.”

“I am going to say this directly to him. Nate, you didn’t make the weight, so how are you going to make the weight when we fight again? That’s the thing that’s discerning, we all let it slide because it was a huge fight, but you didn’t make the weight and you still lost. So unless you plan on fighting me a 170 then I’m not really interested. Like I said, I’m looking forward to the title shot, I’m looking forward to getting in there for the title. If I have to go through him again to do it, then so be it. Maybe you should start watching what you eat, maybe you should start doing that to take care of yourself. You couldn’t make the weight the first time and that was something I was going to keep to myself, but you want to start talking trash? Saying all these things, knowing that I beat you fair and square, I guess next time we’ll take 20% of your purse if you don’t make weight.”

“It’s an issue I could have brought up and made a big deal about but I didn’t do it because that’s not the kind of person I am. I could have made a big fuss and taken it, rubbed some salt in the wound and taken 20% percent of your purse after you lost, but I didn’t That’s the kind of person I am, I moved on and I suggest you do the same thing.”

Thanks to BloodyElbow for the scoop

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