Jose Aldo: ‘Fights, Not Talk Should Earn Title Fights’

Apparently, not everyone is pleased with how Chael Sonnen’ jumped the line in the 205lb division or how Nick Diaz was given the shot at GSP.  The UFC is and always will be a business, so selling fights will always be the number one priority and usually the matches are the one’s we want to see anyway.  Here is how Jose Aldo sees the situation:

“It doesn’t bother me. I don’t think it’s correct, but it doesn’t bother me. Each person has a way to promote their fight. Each person has a way to create opportunity in their career. It’s not the path I’d like to take but it doesn’t make me mad.”

“Everyone should go up there and fight. Go through opponents and earn their opportunity to fight for the title. Not talk their way to the title.”

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