Gives Us Their UFC 159 Main Card Fight Picks

Our friends over at give us their fight picks for the main card of UFC 159 this Saturday.  We want to hear your picks as well!  Let us know on our Twitter page.

Jon Jones vs Chael Sonnen
Winner: Jones
Sonnen is used to having a big wrestling advantage over his opponents but in this fight he may even be out matched.  Jon Jones who has never been taken down in his career and has said he wants to hold on to that record until he retires.  Look for Jones to use his reach advantage and more versatile strikes to keep Sonnen at a distance and perhaps put him on his back if he gets overly aggressive.

Michael Bisping vs Alan Belcher
Winner: Belcher
Bisping might have more speed and better footwork but Belcher has a big advantage in power as well as a more versatile striking attack.  Bisping has shown improved offensive wrestling but shouldn’t be able to take down Belcher like he did Stann.  Even when the fight does hit the mat Belcher has the advantage in submissions.  Basically Belcher can finish this fight in many different ways where Bisping will need to get a decision to earn a W.  Still will be a very competitive fight and one everybody is looking forward to.

Big Country vs Cheick Kongo
Winner: Big Country
Kongo has not shown the best chin and Big Country is great at knocking out people who are taller than him with his powerful overhand right.  Nelson is also a far superior grappler if the fight goes to the ground.

Phil Davis vs Vinny Magalhaes
Winner: Davis
This is a great matchup of two excellent grapplers.  Davis having awesome wrestling and Magalhaes great jiu jitsu.  Being a better wrestler Davis has the ability to take the fight where he pleases.  He may utilize his wrestling to take Vinny down towards the end of the round, to secure the round, or pin him up against the cage a la Daniel Cormier.  This also could be a striking battle between two low level kickboxers making it not a very exciting match up.

Jim Miller vs Pat Healy
Winner: Miller
Both are extremely tough fighters and have very similar styles.  Have to give the advantage to Miller based on the level of competition he has faced in the UFC, which has been much higher than Healey.  Should be an excellent fight though. Fight Breakdown Belcher vs Bisping

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