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Our friends over at give us their fight aftermath for Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen.

UFC 159 in New Jersey capped off the long awaited battle between opposing Ultimate Fighter coaches Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen. As usual, Sonnen did an incredible job hyping up the fight, and last nights main event, though a bit short, gave the MMA community no question as to who the best fighter at 205 lbs is. The fight began in typical Chael Sonnen fashion with both warriors meeting in the center of the octagon, Sonnen doing his best to pressure Jones and get inside the reach advantage that Jones has held against every opponent in his UFC career. Jones best described what came next saying, “I Chael Sonnened Chael Sonnen,” his way of explaining his three powerful takedowns and overall top-game control held for the duration of the barely one round fight, a strategy that Sonnen has used himself against many of his opponents. Jones was clearly the better fighter and the match ended shortly, possibly even a bit prematurely, after some vicious ground-and-pound from Jones left Sonnen seemingly defenseless. So what is next for these two great fighters?

Jon Jones

Another incredibly dominant performance for champion Jon Jones as last night’s victory over Chael Sonnen marked his fifth title defense, tying UFC Hall-of-Famer Tito Ortiz for the most consecutive title defenses in the 205 lb division. Though Jones was the heavy favorite going into the fight he certainly proved to any and all doubters that he is the best fighter in the world at light heavyweight.

Before UFC 159 I would have said that up next for Jones, if he beats Sonnen, would likely be Alexander Gustafsson.  Unfortunately at some point during the fight the champ suffered a foot injury that could potentially alter the future of the light heavyweight division.  With the extent of the injury being unclear and Jones making it a point to give his body plenty of time to heal correctly, a long layoff may ensue. With that said, this could make room for a number one contender fight between Alexander Gustafsson and Lyoto Machida. Also, Jones healing the foot injury may leave enough time for current heavyweight Daniel Cormier to make the drop down to 205 lbs to face the champion. Cormier stated in recent interviews he will need 6-8 months to drop the weight correctly and seeing as Cormier will likely face Roy Nelson before he drops down to 205 it could be over a year before the former Olympic wrestler can call himself a light heavyweight.

Jones has expressed his desire to take on an opponent who can match him in size as many critics have attacked the champ’s success by stating he has never fought anybody as long as him. Bones stated in the post-fight press conference one reason he fights is to silence the critics so we will likely see Jones vs Gustafson at some point in the near future. Either way Jones has said he would like one more fight at 205 before he enters the next stage of his career full of potential super fights and a jump to the heavyweight division. One more win at 205 will secure Jones as the best light heavyweight in UFC history and Gustafson will likely be the man standing across the cage from him that night.

Chael Sonnen

Once again Chael Sonnen proved to the world that there is no competitor better at hyping a fight up than him. Last night showed Sonnen to be more effective with his words than his fists. The challenger was left defenseless as he was beat badly at his own game by the champion who managed to take him down 3 times in one round, something nobody has come close to doing to Sonnen in the past.

Sonnen was humble in defeat last night and seeing as this fight with Jones secured the fact that Chael does not have a likely path to win the belt retirement seems to be the logical next step for the Oregon native.  Sonnen was signed earlier this year to become the newest member of the UFC Tonight on Fuel TV lineup and more TV opportunities are likely headed his way. UFC President Dana White has publicly discussed that Fox executives absolutely love Sonnen on camera and so we are going to see plenty of Chael Sonnen on TV in the near future, and that is fine by us.

Nobody can argue with the skills that Sonnen possesses both inside and out of the octagon, and though the MMA community will certainly lose an incredible fighter upon his official retirement, we will gain an incredible asset outside of the cage as more opportunities arise for him.

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