GSP To Play Villian In ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’

Georges is incredible athlete and has the physique of an Adonis, so it’s no surprise that the guy is finally getting into movies.  According to he will play Batroc The Leaper in the Captain American sequel. 

“MMA fighter Georges St-Pierre will apparently portray the French mercenary who is a master of savate (a French form of kickboxing) and has been in Cap’s rogue gallery for quite a while.  Batroc has made the rounds throughout the Marvel universe, fighting the likes of Spider-Man, The Punisher, Deadpool, etc., but it looks like his cinematic debut will be with Cap.

Pretty cool to see one of the UFC biggest stars playing a part in a huge Summer Blockbuster.  Captian America: Winter Soldier will be in theaters April 4th, 2014.  Thanks to for the pic and the scoop.

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