Fabricio Werdum Spends Some Quiet Time With His Girls

Screen Shot 2014-04-24 at 8.45.58 AM

Werdum is just five days removed from his excellent performance against Travis Browne at UFC on FOX 11 in Orlando, Florida.  A performance that set him up for a title fight against champion Cain Velasquez and most likely a coaching gig on the next TUF Latin America.  Werdum is a perfect fit for the show as he already has a good name in the region due to his commentary and speaks fluent spanish.  I was blown away by how well Fabricio performed on Saturday but still don’t think anyone is getting close to Cain’s title.  That doesn’t stop the Brazilian from spending some quality time with his young daughters though as he for sure didn’t get to see them enough during his training camp.

Travis Browne’s broken hand from UFC on FOX 11

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