Eddie Alvarez Will Not Settle With Bellator, Case Going To Trial

Eddie Alvarez has been stuck in a legal battle with Bellator Promotions for much to long now.  It has been a while since we heard from the former champ and recently her broke his silence.  Here is what he had to say via his Twitter page.

“We will be going to trial and there will be NO settlement. I want to see this thing through and let the truth come out in the end. I needed time to renovate and sell my home anyway in order to move to Florida, so this may have come as a blessing. My goal is to move to Florida, train with the best team and coaches in the world, beat this court case, become No. 1 in the world and keep it. I am in no hurry. This has always been a marathon for me, not a sprint, and time will only make me more dangerous when I fight, I promise.

“Since 18 I have fought at least every roughly 5 months so I have been learning a lot from this break. Thank you guys for [your] support. Every tweet positive or negative does help!! This is just a pit stop that’s put there for a reason.  Miami has unsanctioned fights somewhere for cash. Told my wife I might need to take the drive down there on the weekend [to] stay sharp.”

Impossible not to feel for Eddie here.  He is missing valuable time in the prime of his career because Bellator wont pay him what he deserves.  Hopefully for him this court case goes smoothly, but we all know that is not going to happen, and we can see him in the UFC sooner rather than later.

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