Dana White UFC 157 Pre Fight Scrum, Talks Fitch

Dana White does get emotional in these media scrums but usually not like this.  Still gotta love the boss’s passion.  Big take away from this scrum is the UFC is currently 100 fighters over what they need to be, meaning more cuts are coming.  Must make every fighter on Saturday’s card nervous, especially those coming of a loss.  One thing he may not be giving enough credit for is Fitch talked about the need to be more exciting and how he plans on doing that before he fought Erik Silva at UFC 153.  No way he could have made the fight with Mia exciting but not like he’s never done that to his opponents either.  Point is he seemed to be making a real attempt to change have a more exciting style.  Also a likely future opponent of his has an interesting take on Fitch’s fight at 153.  See the links below for those videos.

Fight talks changing strategy at UFC 153 (Jump to 6:00)

Ben Askren on Fitch vs Silva (Jump to 8:00)