Dan Henderson Talks To The Brazilian Media

Dan henderson being interviewed down in brazil

Hendo was present for last nights fights in Belo Horizonte, Brazil will be traveling back down to Brazil in a few months for his November 2nd showdown with middleweight number one contender Vitor Belfort at Fight Night 32.  That fight doesn’t make much sense to me considering Vitor is on a two fight winning streak and Henderson a two fight losing streak.  But the biggest story in this fight is that once again Vitor will be fighting in Brazil and wont have to worry about getting a TRT exemption from an American commission.  The media will without a doubt hound Belfort about this topic. Prepare from some long winded answers from Vitor about God that have nothing to do with why he should be allowed to use TRT.

Vitor Belfort hangs with UFC hype man Burt Watson

Dan Henderson signs autographs at his new gyms gran opening