Chris Weidman Was Inches Away From Signing With Bellator Before Getting Into UFC

Chris Weidman takes the New York Post back in time to 2010 when he was inches away from signing with Bellator, when a last second read through by his lawyer uncle unearthed a sneaky clause in the contract.  This clause could have extended the promotions hold on Weidman from a two year deal to possibly five to six year deal depending on certain circumstances.  Weidman, who at the time was struggling to make ends meet, was all set to take his family out for a celebratory dinner, and extremely excited to make some decent money fighting, when the hidden clause was discovered.  If he would have signed with Bellator we could easily be looking at an Eddie Alvarez type situation, but instead Weidman is taking on the greatest fighter of all time in Anderson Silva at UFC 162, and many people are giving him an excellent chance of dethroning the champion.  Bellator has been getting a ton of bad press as of late and you have to think it is hurting their chances of signing valuable fighters.

UFC 162 Silva vs Weidman promo

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