Bas Rutten Explains Why He Thinks Overeem Lost

It wasn’t hard to tell why Overeem lost on Saturday night.  He was over confident, looked out of shape, fought with his hands down, and gassed out.  Did I leave out anything.  Maybe I did.  Bas Rutten has us covered.

I think the reason he lost is that he steered away from his team [Golden Glory], where a guy like Gokhan Saki would work circles around him in training, you NEED guys like that to train with because now he steered away from the “one strike attacks” and from “always having at least one hand on his jaw”, he actually didn’t have ANY hands at his jaw?…

He steered away from his “winning combination”. He started throwing combinations and that will open him up for counters. I believe in training (wherever he trains now) that he’s probably the best guy there and that nobody really poses a threat to him. Think about it, because that could be the only reason for him to steer away from what he used to do, from what he used to “NEED TO DO” otherwise he would get floored in training because of the talent he trained with.

That’s what I think, now I know he was very rude towards BF and maybe his “acting” started to take over and he started to believe himself and forgot about Fedor, so maybe he did get a little “over confident”, but still, never break a winning combination.

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