Ariel Helwani Gives His Thoughts On The HW Division

Ariel talks about the elephant in the room after last night’s upset of Overeem…who will fight Cain?  I like his choice, but getting training partners to fight is a tricky proposition.  Money talks.

Bigfoot KO Of Overeem GIF

Bigfoot Interview After His Big Win

  • terry

    Kimbo Slice for the title!!

    Dont laugh…. this is the UFC.

    Ariel’s nose is right….. too soon for JDS-Cain 3.

    How about JDS vs Bigfoot?
    JDS needs a fight or two before Cain again, Bigfoot will see this as a stepping stone and if he wins should get the title shot….
    so this works very well.

    And Cormier vs Cain is the only thing left for Cain right now.

    suck it up and fight each other or dont bother fighting at all.