Anderson Silva Wants Cung Le Next? What The…

I know there are not a whole bunch of names at 185 that perk the ears when it comes down who Anderson will whoop next, but this is getting out of control.  It may be true that Weidman has not done enough to get a shot at the title, but most hard core fans would rather see that than say, Cung Le?

(Silva’s next fight) is still up in the air man, we don’t know who that is. Unfortunately Bisping lost which was a big thing but I’m not too sure. I’m not too sure who could be next…we want to fight someone who has a little bit of a name, someone that has as big of a name as possible and that’s on a winning record or a winning run right now. Right now it seems like most of the guys with names have had losses very recently. So, when I think about it, like the only thing that comes to mind and I don’t even know if that would be a possible fight is, you know, like Cung Le is coming off of three wins or something like that [Ed. note: Yeah, or something like that.] where he’s got a little bit of a name, but I mean it’s really hard in that division because it’s so evenly matched all the opponents on any given day one of those guys can beat each other, so you know, once again whoever the UFC decided we’re in…

I don’t think Anderson has anything to gain from that fight other than beating a super tough, unknown guy. He’s a phenomenal talent and no disrespect to his fighting abilities, but we would like to fight somebody with a little more recognition and maybe Weidman is maybe a fight or two away, you know what I mean? In hopefully building up that, you know, his following a little bit. What is there to gain from us to beat him? Really, I mean I ask you what is there for us to beat him? He’s going into that fight, most people, the general public are like ‘Oh Anderson is just fighting some guy named Weidman from New York, you know, he’s going to walk through him.’ So, if he doesn’t walk through him, there’s really nothing to gain other than another win and money in his pocket…Ask random people that watch the sport and ask them who Chris Weidman is and see what percentage will know who he is.”

The more these guys talk about how no one knows who Chris Weidman is, the more likely people will begin to learn who Weidman is.  The longer this ‘he’s a fight or two away’ stuff continues, the more likely the perception that Anderson is scared to fight Weidman will grow.  It’s probably not the case, but the Anderson camp needs to get their sh*t together.  Cung Le?  Please.

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  • Kokogene

    I think your story is much to do about nothing! You get in the ring with Anderson! I would love to see you get your ass whipped, than maybe you will write a story worth reading!

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  • Hiep To

    ur story is dumb…don’t ever underestimate any one in the ufc.. it’s a sport.. boxinf or football…anyone can have a bad day… you should get to the ring with cung le….he would knock u on ur shit…..anderson gona beat them all anyway… rather watch 2 best strikers…instead of gay porn… may be u like gay porn…