Alan Belcher and NFL Player Wallace Gilberry $300,000 Phantom Bet With Michael Bisping

Belcher is really calling out The Count for making a bold statement in an interview that he would knock Belcher out in the first round, saying he would bet anything he had on it.  At first Belcher challenged him to a tattoo bet, if Bisping KOed him in the first he would get the British flag with Michael’s face tattooed on his chest, but if Belcher KOed Bisping in the first Bisping had to get the same Johnny Cash tattoo Belcher sports on his arm.  Well now Belcher’s friend, and Cincinitti Bengels defensive end Wallace Gilberry, has upped the bet putting a $300,000 car on the line.  Be interesting to see how Bisping responds to this one.  This was already a very exciting fight but all this back and forth between the two has made it even more intriguing.

Bisping responds to Belcher’s tattoo bet

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